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Cat Shows

I love showing my tonks.  Showing  is a great way to learn about the breed, the "Standard" and feline health/welfare.  It is a way to make sure your breeding program is going in the right direction with respects to "look" and "temperament".  In addition, you  meet and exchange ideas and blood lines with other Tonkinese breeders from all over the US and Canada.  I've also had the joy of talking with  many spectators.  Besides, where else can you kiss, groom, talk to, play with and  fuss over your cats all weekend long and no one thinks you're strange?  

  (Some Back Yard Breeders will tell you that cats from people who show will more likely have upper respiratory illnesses.  This simply is not true. They say this to justify why they don't show.  Showing cats costs money.  BYBs are breeding to make money.  They keep their expenses low by not showing and pushing kittens out the door at 10 weeks or less.)    

Give yourself a treat and visit the next show that comes to your town. 
For a schedule of CFA cat shows click on the following link  Show Schedule.  
I'll be at most of the Ohio shows.   Stop by and say 'hi'.
John's Final
John  judging at a CFA cat show in Strongsville.
 January 2004. 
Nan with her Maine Coon
As you walk around a cat show you will have an opportunity to meet breeders and ask questions about their wonderful b
Babe's Cat Toys
Besides cats, a cat show has a lot of vendors. 
Vince sells toys, beds and grooming supplies. 
Food Vendor
In addition to cat items, you can also find people food.  This is the food at Michaud's in Strongsville. 
Raffle Table displaying raffle prizes.
Most Cat shows will have a raffle table similar to this one.  It works like this.  You buy tickets and put them in a cup next to the raffle prize you want.  At the end of the day the  tickets are pulled, one for each prize. 
Agility is a new form of competition that has recently been added to some CFA shows.  To see a film clip of this new event click here.  This is a big file so if you have dial up, better not try.  Page back when you are done.  
Minkitty's Benching Cage
The 'benching cages' are usually decorated in keeping with the season or the breed of cat.  The cats are only kept in the benching cages when not being judged or fussed over.  At night they stay with their owners, usually at a local hotel.  This was taken at the Fourth of July Show in Virginia in 04
Bonnie, Nancy, Peggy, Cynthia, Frank and Megan
Winning ribbons is always rewarding but having dinner  (and drinks) with your friends and fellow to tonk breeders after the show is great fun. This is the time where we share ideas about our breeding programs. 
(Cynthia, Frank, Megan, Bonnie, Nancy, and Peg)
Cleveland Persian Society Club Members
Some of the members of the Cleveland Persian Society. Picture taken at a CFA cat show in Strongsville, in January 2001.
TBA Group Picture
Some members of the Tonkinese Breed Association.  This picture taken at a CFA cat show in Michigan in July, 2005.
(John, Megan - Michigan;   Nancy-Ohio; Deborah-North Carolina; Linda-Florida; Beth-Missouri; and Bri-Ohio)
Awards Banquet
People ask if we win money at the shows and the answer is no.  We win points and titles for our cats but the most important thing is that we promoting the Cat Fancy and our breed in a positive manner.  At the end of the show season we have an awards banquet and celebrate each others successes.
Judging area 
This is the judging area at our January CFA show in Strongsville, Ohio. 
Mary Pennington and North Coast Animals
Mary Pennington, of Northcoast Animals, is my favorite animal rescue person. You will most likely always find her at one of our shows in Cleveland  with items for sale.  All proceeds go to her rescue, rehoming and spay and neuter efforts.
Benching Area
This is another picture of the benching are at our January Show in Strongsville.  Part of the experience in going to a show is to walk up and down the isles, looking at the beautiful show cats, asking questions and learning about these wonderful breeds.   
Minkitty's Delta Dawn looking at her rosettes
DD (Delta Dawn) is checking out her ribbons.  Shows like this one are always fun for the exhibitor but shows like these don't always happen.   The important thing is that you can confirm that you are breeding to CFA standards.  
Shelter Cats
Most cat shows sponsor one or more rescue or shelter organizations.  Some times there will be domestic cats for adoption at a show.  Here is an example of some kittens up for adoption at a show in Virginia.  
Siamese Rescue
Siamese Rescue is a very well run and well organized national rescue operation with local chapters.  This is a great place to go if you are looking for a Siamese or Siamese type cat and don't really want to start over again with a kitten.  
Nancy and Rosie

Nancy and Minkitty Cracklin' Rosie at a show in Michigan.  Rosie is a Champagne Mink girl out of my February 06 litter
Srand Premier Torador's Ashley

This is a picture of me showing Ashley.  Ashley was my very first show cat.   I think it was in 1994.
Siamese Walking at a Show

A Siamese from the Siamese Rescue taking in the show.  
This picture was taken in at a show in Virginia.

We have a great time at our October Halloween show in Parma Ohio.
Here are some pictures of our 2006 show. 

Carolyn and Desiree in their benching cage

 Seeet Carolyn being judged


Halloween decorations
Meg our vendor
Exhibitors Raffle table toy Vendor


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