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Home of several spoiled tonks and one well trained human.

From time to time, I have an adult Tonkinese to place.  These are usually retired breeders or retired show cats.  Sometimes they are older kittens that I have held back to show or breed and then changed my mind.

I love these cats and know their personalities as they have been with me for a while.  It isn't easy to part with them but  there are only so many cats I can keep and be fair to all of them.  As a result, I like most  breeders, place some of my retired adults or older kittens as pets.  

Since it is difficult to part with the adults, ( more so than kittens), I tend to take a long time looking for the perfect home.  I turn down many people, not because they wouldn't make great pet owners, but because I didn't feel the match was quite right.  So far I've made very good choices and the adults Tonks that I have placed have great lives with loving people and are in the perfect environment for them.   

If you are interested in a retired Tonkinese, please e-mail me and tell me a little about what you are looking for and why.  We may just have a match

Available Now

Vivatonk Jumpin' Jack Flash, Champagen Mink Neuter born June 21, 2009

JJ was was my previous stud. And such a studdly man he is. He brances around the house tail held high (an indication of self confidence) inspecting everything. Once done he settles down and plays with toys, plays with the other cats or sits on my lap. As I write this he's up on the file cabinet watching over me. He'll make an exclent companion, always by your side but not too clingy.

Not to be outdone by other "youtube feline celebs", JJ too has his own video taken by his breeder when he was just 5 months old.
Take a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nka1BTUikcw

If you are interested in JJ please send an e-mail and let me know a little about yourself.

Previously Placed

Elvis, a Champagne Mink Neuter born 2011

I placed Elvis in a wonderful home in Canton Ohio where he lived for two years with his human mom and dad and two Siamese cats about the same age. Unfortunately Elvis's human dad died and his human mom was placed in a nursing home shortly there after.

Elvis is currently living with his mommy's best friend, Susan, in Canton and loving it.

CH Minkitty's Dusty Rose, a Platinum Solid Spay, born 2007

Dusty Rose

Dusty now lives with Stacie and Fred in Chicago.

In Stacie's own words.

She is very happy here and I know it was hard for you, but we want you to know that we are both so in love with her and she gets along very well with our other cats.  She adores them!  She has such a sweet disposition (as you know), the other cats couldn't help but like her.  Her personality is the perfect balance of respectful, inquisitive, and just a teensy bit pushy that she allows distance when they want it but seems to know when to interact, love and play with them as well.  She and Panda (the back & white one who is the same age) run and chase each other around the house - it's such fun to watch! 
And the older two, she plays with but she spends more time loving them, she gives them the sweetest little greetings by either touching noses or by gently pushing her head into theirs.  Fred and I are so enchanted by the fact that she is a full grown cat but has such kitten-like qualities!  She is such a joy for us!

GC Minkitty's Sonatina, a Champagne Point Spay born 2008


Tina now lives with Mike in Pittsburgh. Mike just loves his new housemate.

Ch Minkitty's Crystal Blue Purrsuasion, a Blue Mink Spay, born 2012

Crystal is a beautiful cat but developed a clogged tear duct as a young adult. I took her to an eye specialist in Akron. After surgery to clear the duct and a year long treatment process she was declared cleared of the clogged tear duct. Many people that came to my home fell in love with her but were reluctant to take on a cat that may or may not have future eye issues. The solution was to place her with my sister and her family where she can have lots of love but I can still have a watchful eye on her.

For information about Tonkines Retired adults call Nancy at 440-331-9533 Cleveland, Ohio or
E-mail me Tonkinese kittens Ohio
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