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Raising Tonkinese, one litter at a time.

Please visit my Flicker Page for current pictures.
Litter Born September 26, 2013. Mom is GC Minkitty's Cristal and dad is GC, RW Minkitty's Willie. Two Platinum Solid Girls, a Champagne Solid Boy and a Champagen Mink Boy. All kittens have bee reserved.


Litter born July 19th, 2013 - all kittens have been placed in new homes.
Mom is Miss Cindy Smudge and dad is Jumping Jack Flash.
Three boys and three girls. Two Champagne Solid, one
Champagne Mink and three Champagne Points.

Caught on Camera. (they never did this before but somehow they instinctively knew it was wrong) Champagne Solid Female and Champagne Point Male.

Kittens at 3 weeks.

GC RW Minkitty's Miss Cindy Smudge (aka Mommy) taking a break

Cindy and her litter. Champagne Point Female is looking at the camera.

Arlene and Ron taking their new kittens home.

Arlene and Ron's new kittnes three weeks later.

Bonnie and Frank picking up Alfie from the March litter.

From Bonnie: Alfie continues to grow and is so sweet.  He's over 5#'s now.  His fur is starting to change and get more highlights.  Alfie now owns the house and his new family.  His human sister arrived from Chicago to meet and play with her new baby brother for this next week.

We're so glad the new babies born on the date we picked Alfie up are doing well.  Thanks so much for allowing me to hold one of those precious babies.


Tonkinese art work

My Tonkinese like to surprise me. Cindy Smudge likes to give me works of art. I had to share. 

I get e-mails and phone calls from people who say that they heard that Tonkinese are hypo-allergenic.  
Not True.  Here is a link to an article that can explain it a whole lot better than me.
 Cat World - Hypoallergenic Cats

Minkitty Cattery,  located in a western suburb of Cleveland on America's beautiful North Coast,  is a small in home cattery raising only Tonkinese. Minkitty's kittens are raised as a work of love and a hobby and not as a business.

Our kittens are registered with CFA, which is the world's largest registry and 100 years old in 2006.  

We only breed Tonkinese to Tonkinese and kittens come with an 6 generation CFA Tonkinese pedigree.  Our blood lines are North American.  The traditional color/pattern Tonkinese was established in the US and Canada and the largest gene pool for the traditional color/patterns exists right here in North America. Because of the large gene pool these cats tend to be rather healthy with no genetic problems.

There is no lack of interest in a CFA registered Tonkinese.  As a result, I do not find any reason to mix two breeds to create a "designer breed"  or to try to recreate the Tonkinese breed. These are just marketing techniques and result in a mix breed which is not accepted in CFA.    

 We never sell our kittens younger that 12 weeks and usually wait until 14-16 weeks.  This is the recommendation of just about every registry, the Winn Foundation and various feline health organizations.     
We show our Tonkinese regularly.  As a result, all kittens have proper eye color, proper ear set, and a clear coat without tabby markings (barring or stripping along the legs or tail).  The colors are correct for the color/pattens and the kittens are bred to CFA standard. 

W don't ship

We don't ship and we prefer to meet the prospective family prior to commitment.  I ask that you visit my home/cattery when I have kittens available for selection.   I feel it is improtant for you to see how my kittens are raised. At that time you can pick your kitten and put down a deposit. Once the kittens are spayed or neutered, you can come back and pick up the kitten (or we can meet half way). 


Thank you for taking to time to read this.  

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For information about Tonkinese Kittens call 440-331-9533 Cleveland, Ohio or
E-mail me Tonkinese kittens Ohio
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